Thursday, May 7, 2009

How to increase your adsense earnings

I am not any expert or professional, I only write from my own experience and today I am going to tell you a quick tip with which you will surely increase your Adsense Earnings.

People think that by keeping more ads on their blog/site they will get them more clicks and they are ofcourse right !! But the question is how much will they earn with those clicks. ??

Earlier I used to have alot of ads on my blog, 1 in header and 3-4 ads on sidebar and rectangle ads after each post thinking that I will earn more…. I had around 10-11 clicks daily but my earnings were mot more than .30 $

Then I thought to decrease the ads on my blog and I removed all the ads from my sidebar and that rectangle ad after each post and now I get 3-4 clicks daily but my earnings have increased to 1-1.5 $

I am also surprised, I even do not why is this thing happening but from here I come to know that keeping less ads will generate more revenue !!

You also try this thing and share your experience with us !!


You Can Hack!!! said...

Even I have not experienced such thing, its good to hear that.

You Can Hack!!!

Anonymous said...

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Thank you.