Saturday, January 24, 2009

Unlock yahoo Account When its locked

this is a very easy but an awesome Trick. When you or someone else enters an incorrect login multiple times then Yahoo! locks the account for “security reasons” and you are unable to access your chat names. Cool thing is that, these are a piece of cake to unlock.

All you need is a list of Yahoo servers to log in with. Every time you login, you are using what’s called a server to access yahoo. You login with a cookie, which is sort of like an information packet or ID proving that you are who you claim to be, and the account is yours.

When people attempt to log your name in multiple times with a locking tool, all they are doing is logging in over and over with an incorrect password until your cookie expires, which means you will no longer be allowed to login. So, when you find yourself locked, what you need to do is refresh your cookie. But how can you do that when the yahoo server you were using has blocked you?

Simple, find another server. Yahoo has servers all over the place. There are more than I’d care to count. I’ll include a pretty decent sized list with this tutorials. All you have to do is paste one of these servers in your browser and log in on the page you see. Unless you have been locked on that server as well, you will receive a fresh cookie and will be able to log in to messenger again.

Tons of people try to go through their email and login there to unlock an account, but a smart locker will shut down your mail server first, then cut off your chat server. Most people don’t know what to do if the email is blocked, so they give up trying. That’s why I don’t even bother with the email method. I simply pick another server, log in, and I’m good to go. There are so many servers out there that it is impossible to lock them all. Even if they could, the lock is only for about 12 hours, and then you’re back in business.


Yahoo Chat Logins : HK Taiwan India Japan Korea Singapore Chinese China Asia Australia & Nz Denmark France Germany Italy Norway Spain Sweden Uk & Ireland Argentina Brazil South America Mexico Canada World of yahoo



Anonymous said...

nice information

Anonymous said...

this is my account been lock and i need to unlock it

pearson2008 said...

this is my account has been locked for 2 weeks and i need to unlock of now,i'm using my new account,

Anonymous said...

Hello. I found this post threw a search. I just tried to log onto my account this morning and I get this message: login failed with errcode 1213, account locked. email me @

Anonymous said... yahoo id was locked few mnths ..i cant open it anymore..yes i did try ur way to unlock it..but its locked on all yahoo servers..its like my password doesnt work anymore and i cnat get a new one until yahoo gives me one which they wont cause i cnat rem the second answer to my secret secodn plz tell me what should i do..whats options do i have..

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tabu said...

hey !my yahoo account hes been locked and i need to unlock it .pl's help me

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Unknown said...

My yahoo account has also been locked and I forgot my security question! this has been happening to a lot of ppl I noticed I dnt think its because yahoo is locking it for security reasons! I think its a yahoo bug ! Just my opinion. plzzzz HELP!!!

Unknown said...

Happening to too many ppl me also! I need help unlocking yahoo but forgot my security question!