Sunday, May 10, 2009

how to detect & avoid keyloggers

You might have heard about a dangerous application called Keylogger. Its a very tricky tool to record your key strokes in a notepad file. Whenever you type anything using keyboard, this software stores all your key strokes. If you access Internet from any cyber cafe or any public PC, this post is must for you.

There are many keyloggers that are not detected by anti virus and other security applications, so today I am sharing few tricks with which you can fool keyloggers easily.

1) Use Virtual Keyboard : Whenever you access PC from any cyber cafe always use Virtual Keyboard or On Screen Keyboard for entering password.

How to enable virtual keyboard : If you are using Windows XP, Click on Start >> All Programs >> Accessories << Accessibility >> On Screen Keyboard. Have a look :


Just use mouse clicks for entering password and username. By using on screen keyboard, keylogger will never detect your key strokes, thus your account will be safe.

2) Anti Keylogger : If you do not know whether keylogger is installed or not, you can use this software called Elite Anti Keylogger. It has more than 1000 known keyloggers and will warn you immmeditely it detects any keylogger. Click here to download.


Roger Klassen said...

Another way to avoid keyloggers is with the (free) KYPS service at

This is particularly suited for avoiding keylogger in internet cafe or other public computers where you cannot install other anti-spyware programs or they maybe even have hardware keyloggers.

Zain said...


Now this was really informative!!