Friday, March 20, 2009

share your desktop with very easy way

There are many applications out there that allow you to share desktops but perhaps none that do it more easily and simply than Crossloop.CrossLoop is basically a free secure screen sharing utility designed for people of all technical backgrounds so you don’t need to be a geek to use it. It allows you to connect to another user's computer and share their desktop without having to change any firewall or router settings. This is obviously perfect if you need to find out why someone is having problems with their PC or if you just want to simply share information with them.The key to this program’s appeal is its simplicity. In fact, the developers claim you’ll be sharing desktops within 60 seconds of installation. After installing CrossLoop, you will see a welcome screen with two tabs. Select the ‘Join’ tab if you would like to connect and control a friend's PC. Select the ‘Host’ tab if you would like to temporarily share access to your PC.

download from here


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