Sunday, January 4, 2009

10 Blogging terms

The 10 Blogging terms I think all the bloggers should know. I have listed them and have explain in simple terms as follows

1. Feed: - Syndication of the content from a blog in formats like RSS or Atom. This allows for subscription from feed readers. The data coming from feed is also called a stream or a channel. This blog also has a feed. You can subscribe here.
2. Autocasting: - The conversion of test-based blogs via feeds into audio files. Used by blind or those who listen to podcasts. Most of these tools / service would read the RSS feed and covert them into speech using their inbuilt Tex-to-Speech (TTS) technology. Why Autocasting? Autocasting would allow readers to listen to your post while they are working in parallel. Thus it would help the author to convey their complete story to their reader rather than readers scanning the post text.
3. Blurker: - Someone who reads other’s blogs, without commenting or maintaining a blog of their own. Well obviously I don’t fall in this category.
4. Blogebrity: - Someone who became famous because of their blogs. Example: John Chow (There are lot of them but I think, almost most bloggers know him)
5. Permalink: - The link of any single post is called a permalink. Used so that readers and crossbloggers can link back to the source.
6. Blogroll: - A list of blogs in the sidebar, which is the frequently visited blogs or favorite blogs of the blogger. I too have a blogroll. Anyone who used to blog about technology, computer and blogging having minimum PR 2 can blogroll with me. Contact me if you are interested :)
7. Blogstorm: - A surge in blogging activity about a particular subject or object in the news. The subject always changes as the latest hot news always changes.
8. Reciprocal Link: - Two bloggers putting links to each other’s blogs on their sidebars. Always try to make reciprocal link of similar theme or niche only.
9. Blogosphere: - The blogging universe is referred to as the Blogosphere or Blogistan by bloggers.
10. Post: - Any single blog entry is called a post.

Have you missed some terms earlier, if so which one? Blurker is a new blogging term for me and which is new blogging term for you?